Arrested By Grace


The Most Important Book You May Ever Read Because the Grace and Unconditional Love That Captured Hector is Available to You!

Hector shares his story for one reason: to remind everyone that God still pursues the lost and the hopeless.

If God can radically transform him from the drug infested streets of New York City, He can transform you. You might be a drug addict or just someone with hidden struggles; scars of abuse, loneliness, depression, anxiety, rejection, or void of purpose and meaning in life - and you may need a change. You want out! Walk with Hector through the dark night of the soul that eventually leads to the daybreak of hope. 

Pastor Hector Vega was raised in midtown Manhattan where his drug addiction and dysfunction ruled 15 years of his life, spending many years in and out of the prison system. He was radically saved by the unconditional love of God in the Gospel message. Since being rescued, Pastor Hector has served on international mission trips and most recently was the Executive Director of the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark, New Jersey. He's led East Harlem Fellowship since 2009 alongside his wife Michelle and children, (Nicholas, Josiah, Seth and Skyler). He is currently establishing a social enterprise and educational community facility in East Harlem, NY, a long term missions poverty solution project in La Perla, Puerto Rico, and planting a second church in South Bronx, NY.  

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