Faith to Stand When You Can't Understand

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This book is not for perfect people.

It's for the rest of us who don't always live on the mountaintops, but have spent some time in the valley of uncertainty. It is for those who don't have all the answers and know it. It is for those who do not view the Christian life as a place of instant "arrival" but more as a journey toward a confident faith.

The Lord has provided for your absolute freedom. He has made available to you not only pardon from all sin and its guilt but liberty from all bondage

This challenging and disarming new book is written to confront the gnawing undertainty that results from adversity we face in life. Faith to Stand is all about a deep-seated confidence in God, reflected in how we respond to those trials. It cuts through the shallowness of modern soundbyte faith to reveal how a crisis can either make us or break us. Faith in Christ does not remove us from the trials of human existence. Yet, you can discover that even in the crucibles of life, God can be trusted – completely and always – in all situations.  

Dr. Lamar Vest is one of today's most highly acclaimed ambassadors for Christianity. He has served a long and distinguished career leading some of evangelical faith's most prominent ministry organizations. Dr. Vest is a past chairman of National Association of Evangelicals and Vice Chairman of the World Pentecostal Fellowship. He served as President of American Bible Society, President of Lee University and as Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Clevelan, Tennessee.

He is currently President Emeritus for American Bible Society, Director of the Center for Spiritual Leadership and Lifelong Learning at The Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and Associate Pastor at Times Square Church in New York City. He is a sought after international speaker in conferences and church conventions and has authored five books and numerous articles for print and electronic media.

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