God's Plan To Protect His People In The Coming Depression


Many believers have put their eternal destiny into the Lord's hands—but not all have done the same with their earthly destiny. God is about to take His church into a wilderness of testing, to strip away our human resources and make us wholly dependent on Him and to bring us into His rest! Tragically, God's rest remains largely unclaimed by His people today. Rest is total trust in God for all things. How do we prepare for the storm? Our place of safety is our secret closet of prayer! The darker things get, the brighter our Lord's light will shine. We are going to witness the greatest miracles of any past generation. If you live in His presence, you're going to see His creative power manifested in your life. Crave His presence, not merely His provision. His presence is your protection. If you will watch out for your heart, He will watch out for your provision. By not fully trusting God, we literally put other people's lives at risk. Get alone with Jesus and seek His face and develop a loving relationship with Him in prayer. / ® David Wilkerson Publications is a Registered Trademark of David Wilkerson

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