Good Friends & Picnic Pals


Good Friends & Picnic Pals, Two Stories About True Friendship – Written and Illustrated by Emily Skelding

Good Friends 
We all want to know that we are loved. This is a story about a dolphin with 100 penguin friends who went to great lengths to find one that was lost.

Picnic Pals
Sometimes when bad things happen we need a pal to help us get back on our feet. This is a story about an ostrich who, despite falling subject to some unfortunate circumstances, finds true friendship on the way to a wonderful picnic.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to ChildCry.

About the Author:


Emily Sarah Skelding was born in 2001 and quickly became the "sunshine" to her parents, Brian and Michele and, in the years that followed, to her younger siblings Andrea, Meagan and Brennan.  

In June 2009, Emily was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia.  She spent two years fighting this illness and, for a couple of months, was in remission.  Emily had a passion for Jesus and for others. She wrote and illustrated a book entitled "Picnic Pals" to share her love for Jesus and have the proceeds from the sale of the book feed hungry children.  Emily had a way of making everyone feel loved, even during her darkest days.

Emily's remission did not last.  She fought hard through more chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant from her sister Meagan, and an experimental T-cell trial, always trusting that she would be healed one day.  During those final days she began to write another story, "Good Friends."

On August 25, 2013 Emily met her Savior face to face. Days before her departure, she met with Pastor Carter Conlon and gave him "Good Friends" to use it to feed more hungry children.

To learn more please visit ChildCry.

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