Hungry For More of Jesus


Experiencing His Presence in These Troubled Times. 

I have in my library twelve volumes by J. B. Stoney, a devout writer among Plymouth Brethren. Every volume centers on Christ - thousands upon thousands of pages extolling the beauty of our Lord and His ministry as A Man in Glory. In devouring these precious books, I find myself continually humbled and challenged by this brother who has written so much on the single subject of the glory of Christ. In recent years I have been preaching more and more about my blessed Savior and praying much for a greater revelation of His grace and glory. Never in all my years of preaching have I been so hungry for more of Him. The Holy Spirit has not failed to satisfy that growing hunger, and now He has enabled me to share with the Body of Christ a single volume entirely about Jesus. If you, too, hunger for more of Jesus, you will find some fragments here to feed your soul. I would expect that only those who have been recently awakened by the Holy Spirit to a new hunger and thirst for Christ and His holiness will take the time to read this book. You have to really be Hungry for More of Jesus to come to the table and eat. This is not for "fast food" Christians in a hurry - but for those who are learning to wait upon the Lord for manna from heaven. - David Wilkerson

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