It Is Finished

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Break Free from the Power of Sin Once and for All!

If you hate to keep falling into sin; if you grieve over a life-controlling habit; if you are crying out to the Lord to deliver you from the enemy's scares; if you feel helpless, weak and despondent in the face of temptation; then there is good news:

The Lord has provided for your absolute freedom.  He has made available to you not only pardon from all sin and its guilt but liberty from all bondage

The concept of the New Covenant sounds theological and theoretical.  Yet with seasoned clarity and warmth, David Wilkerson makes it accessible to all believers.  He shows that through the glorious provisions of the New Covenant, God has given you all the spiritual resources you need to defeat life-controlling sins.  Here, in the pages of Brother Dave's most powerful teaching, you will be enabled to stop the seeminly unending cycle of sinning and confessing, sinning and confessing.

True transformation, renewed hope and lasting peace–these can be yours today. 

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