The Call To Missions


Testimonies of Missionaries from Around the World with Photography by Brad Guice. 

The Call to Missions: Living in the Book of Acts is a collection of over sixty spiritually challenging and faith-building testimonies from missionaries who have been in the field their entire lives as well as short-term and first-time missionaries. The powerful combination of their testimonies and Brad Guice's extraordinary photography of the people they serve, will strengthen and inspire you in your own relationship with God. 

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book at the Times Square Church web store will be used to feed hungry children all over the world through ChildCry. For more information about ChildCry visit
The Call to Missions: Living the Book of Acts, The testimonies offered here, in combination with Brad’s photographs, are powerful. Together they provide a voice for multitudes who are voiceless. They also tell a story of God’s love for the hurting as few books can.”

Founding Pastor, Times Square Church

“The Call to Missions is a must-have book, a pictorial history of missions, including the testimonies of many missionaries from Times Square Church, that will inspire, encourage and strengthen your faith.”

Senior Pastor, Times Square Church

BRAD GUICE is an award-winning photographer and photojournalist. His work has been featured in almost every major American magazine, and he has shot on location in 50 plus countries. Brad spends most of his free time doing missions work. In 1991 he was saved from a life of drug addiction. He and his wife, Lisa, live in New Jersey and have two children.  In 2011, Brad and his wife became the directors of TSC Roxbury, Times Square Church’s first satellite campus located in Roxbury, NJ, where he is in the process of becoming an ordained pastor.

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