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The Vision and Beyond

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Before you read this book, please read the following three statements! By popular demand, we have reprinted The Vision in its entirety and the message must be dated from April 1973. Beyond the original, only chapters seven and eight have been added. Many predictions of this vision have already been fulfilled, some will happen in the near future, and others in years to come. Please do not read this book with the expectation that all the calamities will happen overnight. I do believe that most of the vision will be fulfilled in our generation. I do not intend for this vision to endorse any doctrinal position. When I speak about persecution of Christians, I am not referring to the Tribulation. I refuse to be drawn into any arguments about when Christians will be evacuated from this earth at the return of Christ. This vision is not a doctrinal statement. This vision is not a "fear-mongering" message. A few people will suggest this vision will only help to bring about some of the calamities and that you "get what you preach". I disagree completely. That logic would suggest that Noah brought about the flood by warning about it. I have shared my vision and with this statement I will never again defend it. Its message can be tested only by time and events. God will be the judge and nothing my friends or enemies say can hinder me in my course to warn readers that these things be true - David Wilkerson

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