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Trusting God When All Else Fails.

You have believed and trusted in God. But now you often feel like the psalmist who cried, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?  Why don't You help me and answer my cries?" (See Ps. 22:1). You wonder if there could possibly be any good purpose to what you have been and may be going through. What if I told you there is a divine purpose?

We are entering a perilous time in history in which your life and testimony will be priceless currency for the kingdom of God. Jesus is putting a deposit of His life within you for the sake of others. He is making you unshakable. Many people will soon come to you, asking you for the reason you have such hope when so many are losing theirs. They will be looking to draw from your strength. You are the "last bank in America."

–Excerpt from UNSHAKABLE by Carter Conlon

Pastor Carter has designated all royalties from this book to the Times Square Church fund for the alleviation of human suffering.
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